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Pladur installations

PLADUR is Laminated Plasterboard, composed of Plasterboard covered with two layers of special multi-sheet cellulose, comprising boards of different thicknesses.


Custom designs

Pladur allows you to create incredible shapes within your home or office; it is undoubtedly the best way to harness your imagination and achieve the décor that best suits your taste.

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Walls and ceilings

A house which uses PLADUR is comfortable, cosy, protected from heat and cold, insulated from noise, with interior, flat and warm walls and ceilings that regulate the humidity and temperature of the rooms and that will certainly help you create your own pleasant atmosphere.



Each type of floor has its own characteristics and means of installation. Even the same type of flooring can involve different work or laying techniques. The floor or the base on which the floor will be placed must have special characteristics.


Bathrooms and kitchens

We provide comprehensive services in the field of kitchen and bathroom renovation.

Likewise, we pride ourselves on carrying out our work with the utmost diligence, always scrupulously complying with the stipulated delivery times.

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